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- students -

This seminar was very beneficial, easy to understand, and worth my time.

I was never given any of the tips that I learned today when I took the practice test of the SAT so I kept getting

low scores. Now that I've learned some tips and tricks for the SAT I feel confident that I'll score high on the actual test.

- Sarai  Class of 2021

This program helps a lot because not a lot of people can afford tutoring

and it gives you a lot of tips to

get ready for the SAT.

- Destiny  Class of 2022

This seminar really boosted my confidence in preparing for the SAT. Even tips that were unrelated to academics such as putting your pencil down and taking a deep breath were helpful.

- Yasmine  Class of 2021

This seminar was really helpful with preparation and I feel reassured about taking the SAT. It's a great thing that all students can take part in. All schools should consider having a class like this for students, as a good SAT score can be very helpful. All of the people I got to meet over the 8 hours were extremely nice and welcoming. They make you feel 10 times better that everything is going to be just fine!

 - Kaleigh  |  Class of 2023

I thought that this program was

very beneficial

and I was able to have all the topics that I had not

fully understood covered during the 2, 4 hour seminars. I hope this prep goes worldwide.

- Kunal |  Class of 2021

- parents -

After attending Personal Best's SAT prep course, our son Michael benefited from the tips for solving problems found on the test, as well as time management solutions and ideas for reducing his stress levels.

He was very anxious the first time he took the test, but after attending Personal Best's seminar, he practiced breathing techniques

and embraced the SAT challenge in a relaxed, strategic fashion.

We have tried a different SAT program for another one of our children and they were bored, loaded with homework and actually wound up more tense while taking this test. In contrast, our son actually enjoyed this class! 

The best part?  It was free, thanks to Brooke Point’s sponsorship!

- Kathy & Jim  |  Parents of Michael

This Personal Best course at 

James Monroe High School 

thoroughly prepared our son for

the SAT. 

It gave him a better understanding of what to expect and equipped him with useful test-taking strategies.

The confidence the course gave him paid off, and he now has an array of excellent options for college. What a great public service this course is!

- Andrew D.  |  Parent of Mitch

This seminar was incredibly helpful

It's insane to think that it was

at no cost even considering we paid

over $200 for other SAT prep classes

that weren't at all useful.

My child and I 100% agree

this session was more beneficial

for SAT and for real life general skills.

I wish the other sessions would be

replaced with this content

to truly help more kids.

- Maria W  |  Parent of Emilie

-School Leaders-

      Personal Best covers every facet of testing. Our students benefited not only from Personal Best's knowledge of test items but also from their valuable strategies for test preparedness, mindfulness, and simply breathing. This is a service we will provide again and again for our students so each of them can achieve his or her "personal best."

 - Mrs. Tammy Houk   Former Principal

Brooke Point High School

VASSP Board of Directors, Region 8


Personal Best's unique program provides students with the opportunity to learn how to be both mentally and skillfully prepared

to take the SAT

in the comfort of their own school. 

The Personal Best team makes students feel welcome and builds up their self-esteem to prepare them to take on the SAT with the confidence they need to succeed.

- Mr. Benjamin Diggs  |  Assistant Principal

 Stafford High School

Personal Best filled a void for us

at North Stafford School

where we never had

great interest in our SAT preparation offerings. Suddenly we are

first come first serve on Saturdays! Thank you Personal Best for making our students feel

confident and motivated

for the next steps in their future.

- Dr. Dan Hornick  |  Principal

North Stafford High School

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